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solid-edge-st4-trainingStarting this week , PRI wiil be holding Solid Edge Training for internal personnel. If you would like to join us, please contact Mike at 631 643 3170
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event-2Happy Holidays to ALL our Clients, Vendors and PRI Personnel and Family
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event-1PRI Corporate Christmas and Hoilday Party: Tuesday Dec.23, 2014 @ Colonial Springs Golf Club.    



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NYCT Help Point

PRI Deploys Help Point (HP) at NYCT Whitehall Station, NYC

LIRR Contract 6123


Total Amount:  $4,020,347 Base Work + $349,069 Optional Software & Hardware Warranties = $4,369,416
Contract Term (including Options, if any)
LIRR requests MTA Board approval to award a Public Works contract to Power Resources International (PRI) in the amount of $4,369,416 to design and furnish a new supervisory control system at Divide Tower (located immediately east of Hicksville Station) and upgrade the associated remote terminal units (RTUs), inclusive of an option for software and hardware warranties.


Twenty-eight (28) interlockings along the Main Line (between llicksville and the Ronkonkoma) and Port Jefferson Branches are
controlled from Divide Tower, utilizing the existing supervisory system. The supervisory system communicates with the RTUs at the
interlocking locations to control train movement. The purpose of this project is to renew and/or upgrade the existing supervisory
control system at Divide Tower and the associated RTUs. The ncw/upgraded system will replace the existing proprietary control
system installed approximately 25 years ago, which is growing increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain.
Permission to use the "Request for Proposals" (RFP) process for this solicitation was granted at the MTA Board's October 31, 2012
meeting. The RFP was advcrtiscd in newspapers and in thc Contract Rcporter on June 13, 2013 and on the MT A Website. In
addition, twelve kno\,vn firms were notified of the solicitation. Proposals were due on August 21. 2013. Threc firms submitted
proposals: ARINC; Siemens, and PRI. Oral presentations were held during late September and early October 2013, whieh claritied
points of eoneel1l from the L1RR Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC). After the oral presentations were complete, the TEC
conducted its technical evaluation of the proposals, and PRI scored significantly higher than its competitors, When cost was factored
into the technical scoring, PRJ maintained its significant lead, proposing the lowest cost of the three finns ($4,369,416 inclusive afthe
option vs. the other proposed prices of$5,466,415 and $5,538.210). All three tirms proposed lower prices than L1RR's internal
estimate of$5,643,681. PRJ's price, relative to the other proposals and the URR estimate is therefore considered fair and reasonable.

This contract has 10% MBF. and 10% WBE goals. PRI is itselfa NYS certified MBE and fulfills the MBE requirement for this
contract (proposing 27%).

Fujitsu Announcement

Power Resources International (PRI) Joins Fujitsu Strategic Authorized Reseller (STAR) Program RICHARDSON, Texas – May 5, 2011 – Fujitsu, a leading provider of business, information technology and communications solutions, announced today that Power Resources International (PRI), a leading System Integrator for automation and communication solutions to the transportation industry, has joined the Fujitsu Strategic Authorized Reseller (STAR) program.

Harting News

HARTING Newsletter April 2012


HARTING strives to remain at the forefront of technology, making our already innovative technologies even better. We would like to introduce expansions to some of our most reliable and robust products, including the award winning Han-Yellock, the next generation of Ha-VIS mCon 3000 Switches and our angled M12 crimp connectors.


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